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Activity Discussion Essay Positivity

  • Ishita

    July 26, 2021 at 8:14 pm
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    This Covid 19 pandemic made our lives so different. This fatal disease took the lives of so many people and made so many people unemploy. So many people lost their jobs, it makes our lives difficult and miserable. Everyday we have to live with fear. But we can’t be hopeless so easily, we have to be positive and make other people positive. Positivity can make our lives so cheerful and good.Their are so many ways to fill our lives with positivity. We have the opportunity to spend time with our families. We learn the importance of family,only our families stand by our side in every difficult situation. This pandemic made us realise the value of family. You can watch movies,listen to music to calm ourselves and make ourselves positive. If you miss your friends you can connect through video call,chatting with them can make you feel better.If we make other people’s lives positive there is no good thing than it. You can practice yoga on a daily basis. It will calm you and make you cheerful,which increases the positivity in life.We have to stand by the side of underprivileged people. Our one slight help can make a huge impact on their lives. It can make their lives filled with positivity. Always look at the positive side of our lives. There might always be some hardship in life but there are so many good things there which we should be grateful for. So being positive can reduce stress and can make you forward in life. So we have to be strong and positive to deal with this difficult time.

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