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Activity Discussion Math Profit, Loss and Discount(Class 8)

  • Aditya

    June 23, 2023 at 10:12 pm
    Not Helpful

    It is given in the question that,

    Cost price(purchasing price) of pair of shoes = Rs 800

    Discount on marked price(MP) = 15%

    Loss = 10%

    Since there was a loss of 10% on selling the shoes and the cost price of the shoes was Rs 800, this means, selling price of the pair of shoes = 800 – (800*(10/100))

    = Rs 720

    Therefore the selling price of the pair of shoes was Rs 720.

    ——————————–EXTRA INFORMATION————————————

    Now, let the marked price(MP) of the shoes be Rs’x’.

    Then the selling price would have been = x-((x*15)/100)

    = Rs 0.85*x————–equation (i)

    and we already know that the selling price was Rs 720, therefore we can write,

    0.85*x = 720

    x = 720/0.85

    x = Rs 847

    Therefore the marked price of the pair of shoes was Rs 847.


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