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Activity Discussion History Rani Rudramma Devi


  • Mahima

    June 1, 2021 at 12:10 am
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    She was a fearless warrior and a lady at home, and the entire country is proud of her. She was one of India’s great leaders today.

    When it comes to Rani Rudhramadevi’s birth, she was born in India’s south-central region and was the queen of the Kakatiya Kingdom. Her mother and father had only one kid. According to Indian tradition, only a boy will succeed as monarch of the country, but rani Rudhramadevi defied the odds and became the first woman queen.

    Her family members were not delighted that a girl had been born in the place of a boy, but they gradually realized that rani Rudrama Devi is no less vigorous than a male under her direction.

    As we all know, all kings and queens have their secrets, but being the first queen of her realm from a female perspective is one of them. When rani Rudrama Devi was a small lad, she held a great secret from her entire family. When she was set to marry, it was discovered that Rani Rudhramadevi is a woman, and everyone in the family was unhappy since they had expected Rani Rudhramadevi to be a guy who would use all means necessary to extend our country.

    Even after her father died, Rani Rudhramadevi sat on the throne of her father and made all of the critical decisions for the realm. She was always loyal to the monarchy and made all of the required decisions to strengthen the kingdom and keep the people happy.

    When it was discovered that Rani Rudrama was a woman, everyone began to disregard her orders and despise her.

    When the enemy began assaulting the kingdom, the residents were concerned that they would be without any form of direction or protection from their monarch. They recognized the importance of Rani Rudhramadevi and returned to her, saying, “You are a woing, and you will be directing us to this war.” She accepted their apologies and proceeded to battle; after the combat, she was 18 years old and the entire country had acknowledged her as a female ruler.

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