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Activity Discussion Math Rational and irrational numbers

  • Jayadev

    June 1, 2023 at 4:34 pm
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    Rational and Irrational numbers both are real numbers but different with respect to their properties. A rational number is the one which can be represented in the form of P/Q where P and Q are integers and Q ≠ 0. But an irrational number cannot be written in the form of simple fractions. ⅔ is an example of a rational number whereas √2 is an irrational number. <div>
    </div><div>Let us learn more here with examples and the difference between them.</div>

    **What is a Rational number?

    Rational numbers are numbers which can be expressed as a fraction and also as positive numbers, negative numbers and zero. It can be written as p/q, where q is not equal to zero.

    The word “rational” is derived from the word ‘ratio’, which actually means a comparison of two or more values or integer numbers and is known as a fraction. In simple words, it is the ratio of two integers.

    Example: 3/2 is a rational number. It means integer 3 is divided by another integer 2.

    **What is an Irrational Number?

    The numbers which are not rational numbers are called irrational numbers. Now, let us elaborate, irrational numbers could be written in decimals but not in the form of fractions, which means they cannot be written as the ratio of two integers.

    Irrational numbers have endless non-repeating digits after the decimal point. Below is an example of an irrational number:

    Example: √8 = 2.828…

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