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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Reading books really helps vocabulary

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  • Soniya

    May 30, 2021 at 2:42 am
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    Reading is one of the most useful hobbies that a person can acquire. Reading books has the person gain a good imaginative thinking skill and also enriches the vocabulary of the person. A person who reeds books generally has a good vocabulary because he has been exposed to many words while reading.

    Although you may not know the meaning to every other word that he comes across while reading but reading the book he has to to confirm the meaning from the dictionary and the next time he sees the word he is aware of its meaning. Also now he can use the word anywhere once he gets to know the meaning.

    Therefore if a person wants to enrich his vocabulary he’s always advised to read good books and his vocabulary will surely get better with time.

    Though results may take some time to appear but in the process the person will get to learn a lot of things. Reading books is always a Win-Win situation where a person gets to improve his imagination and also enrich vocabulary skills.

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