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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Respiration


    May 14, 2021 at 3:27 pm
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    Respiration is the ultimate process through which living organisms provides their body with energy. It is a collection of biochemical reactions and metabolic processes that take place inside the body. The process of respiration is necessary to sustain life on earth. In simple terms, this can also be termed as breathing.

    In the presence of oxygen, it is inhaled. When oxygen is taken in, it does not remain as it is. Through necessary reactions occurring inside the body, it is taken to every tissue and cell. Each and every cell undergoes a reaction to throw off carbon dioxide as their oxidation products.

    However, in the absence of oxygen, different chemical processes undergo in the cell to give certain necessary particles.

    There are two different types of respiration that are occurring in nature,

    They are:

    1.Aerobic Respiration

    The kind of respiration which involves taking in oxygen is known as aerobic respiration. So what generally happens here is that the oxygen which is inhaled by the body is used as a standard energy source which is responsible for all type of bodily chemical reactions. The fats and sugars are all then converted and used.

    All the cellular process works only because of the presence of oxygen as the ultimate resource. The cells produce ATP i.e. Adenosine Triphosphate. This ATP has the burden to carry out the chemical processes in the cell.

    The steps of Aerobic Respiration :

    a) Glycolysis

    b) Oxidative decarboxylation of pyruvate

    c) Formation of Citric Acid Cycle

    d) Oxidative phosphorylation

    Anaerobic Respiration:

    This kind of respiration involves taking no amount in. So what generally happens when there is no oxygen which is inhaled by the body?

    Here in the place of oxygen, other elements such as sulfate, nitrate compounds are taken in by the body. This is necessary. This is so because the cell in our body needs the energy to work. It needs the energy to carry out the reactions occurring. In short, cellular respiration would come to a halt without this. In this kind of respiration, sugar is shredded and broken down to generate all the energy possible.

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