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Activity Discussion Environment Saving birds


  • Ishita

    September 13, 2021 at 6:51 pm
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    Every tiny creature in the world is so important to maintain biodiversity. At this point of time birds are the most endangered creatures on the planet. Now we all can feel we can’t listen to the chimps of birds anymore. before.Birds play an important role in maintaining biodiversity on the planet. It is very important to save the birds to stop them from getting into the mode of extinction. But still so many people are not aware of the Importance of birds in our nature. It is proven that birds are the foremost indicator of the change of the climate. They can predict natural calamity and it is scientifically proven. That’s why so many birds are still predicting climate change. Birds can help trees to grow. It is proven that they act as pollinators. Many trees can not spread out until they get pollinated by birds. While eating fruits birds spread the seeds into the ground, it can increase the level of trees on the planet. We all know that we could not survive without trees. So it is proven that birds are the true friends of nature. Birds eat so many harmful insects that will harm us. Birds give us positive vibes and enrich our lives with their beauty. Birds also give inspiration to so many iconic things like airplanes. So it is indeed proven that birds are the most important and precious things in our environment. We should protect them from the destruction. It very important biodiversity on the environment. Every time keep it mind that they also have an important at our survival.

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