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  • Samidha

    June 25, 2023 at 11:45 am
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    Animal husbandry is the branch of agriculture where animals are reared, bred and raised for meat, fiber, eggs, milk and other food products.

    Animal husbandry involves livestock raising and selective breeding, focusing on genetic qualities and behavior for profit. It is a significant source of food for many farmers, providing high nutritional value. Animals are bred commercially for dairy products, eggs, meat, and marine animals. The care, breeding, and management of animals are closely monitored under the department of animal husbandry. This large-scale business involves poultry, milk-farms, apiculture, and aquaculture.

    Types of Animal husbandry are:

    1)Dairy farming: using and managing cows, sheep, buffaloes, and goats for procuring milk and milk products.

    2)Poultry farming: raising and breeding of birds like ducks, chickens, geese, pigeons, turkeys, etc. for eggs and meat.

    3)Fish farming: raising fish in closed tanks or ponds for commercial purposes.

    4)Bee farming: the maintenance of honeybees and hives for production of beeswax, honey and other edible bee products

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