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  • Navanshi

    May 10, 2021 at 1:24 pm
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    That is a wonderful question and related to our immediate surroundings as well , that is plants !
    we observe that the colour of leafs in most plants appears to be green

    this is mainly because of the special chemical – “chlorophyll” is present in leafs

    chlorophyll helps the plants in the process of photosynthesis which is a process by which they make their food

    chlorophyll in leafs captures sunlight and provide energy to the plant and helps the leaves in making food , this what the leaves are also called food factory or the kitchen of the plant !

    chlorophyll is like a dye of the plant is gives the leaves of the plants its beautiful green colour , but also have a very important scientific importance that is it helps to absorb sunlight and stores it !

    you would also find it surprising that not only sunlight but water , air (oxygen) and a lot of other this are also used in photosynthesis

    plants store their food in the form of glucose

    glucose in a simpler / less complex form of starch or sugar

    chlorophyll is an green pigment which is sometimes also used as dyes

    do you know that chlorophyll is stored in chloroplasts inside the leaves

    in the process photosynthesis – the process by which plants make food ,
    chlorophyll have a very important role

    if chlorophyl will nit be there then the plants will not be able to make their food and will eventually die

    you would have noticed that the dead leaves in the plant are not of bright green colour but darker shades this is because they no longer have chlorophyll and can not make food so they die 🙁

    hence chlorophyll not only gives the plants its colour but is highly productive and important as well

    did u know that there are some plants which do not have green colour leaves but blue , orange , purple , pink , yellow , red any many other colours as well

    this is because they do not have chlorophyll in them

    instead they have other chemicals which have different colours , such pigments are betalains which is redish in colour

    such plants are — Acalypha wilkesiana (Euphorbiaceae)
    Coleus blumei (Lamiaceae)
    Euphorbia cotinifolia (Euphorbiaceae)
    Iresine herbstii (Amaranthaceae)
    atropurpureum (Acanthaceae)

    well i hope you got your answer and learned some new things as well
    you would have realised the science in nature and how everything has multiple functions
    such as chlorophyll has both beauty and science
    so next time you find something different ask what are is its different functions this will increase your curiosity in science and help you understand things in a better way !!

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