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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Science and technology

  • Soniya

    May 28, 2021 at 2:18 am
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    Basically biology is a branch of science that deals with the biochemical activities in the nature. In other words it deals with the study of living creatures and their bodily activities. Biology is one of the most important branches of science and has many other sub branches like Zoology botany etc. The study of Biology is very important because of the following reasons –

    1. It deals with the study of plants and their mechanism of food making the mechanism transportation of fluids etc. Without this we would not be able to grow crops and also we will not be able to get oxygen properly from plants and also we will not be able to grow more plants and if plants won’t survive then we will also not survive.

    2. Deals with study of animals and without animals human life won’t be complete. Animal are useful to human beings for lot of other reasons they provide us food means of transportation they keep the other factors of the environment in check. If any one of the living species vanishes from the Earth it creates ecological disturbance and also due to this imbalance the food chain gets disrupted and the balance of the environment completely loses.

    3. Most importantly it deals with the study of human body and it’s life processes. Without this we won’t be able to survive as even smallest of the diseases will be fatal for us as we won’t be able to find the cure.

    4. In current situations like that of the pandemic vaccines and medication has played the most important role in curing the people. If biology isn’t studied then important medicines and drugs could not be developed.

    5. Also the devices which are used to detect the presence of a disease required some amount biological help to be e successful in use. So therefore without the branch of biology life cannot be imagined on the planet Earth.

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