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Activity Discussion Essay Science or Religion

  • Soniya

    June 3, 2021 at 3:17 am
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    • Physics and psychics:

    The more I study science, the more I believe in God”.
    – Albert Einstein
    Time flies on wings. In these thousands of years
    of human civilization, we have come a long way. The evolution of “modern humans” still remains a big question to the scientists. Many puzzling questions still baffle me like “How did our language evolve so much?”
    As the famous scientist sir Isaac Newton quotes
    “How come the bodies of animals are contrived with so much art, was the eye contrived without skill in optics and the ear without knowledge of sound? And these things being rightly dispatched, does it not appear that there is a Being : incorporeal, living, intelligent?
    Human nature has always been perplexing and curious and thus the emergence of science. Science is powerful with vast achievements and yet there is much it is unable to explain. And when people find some such inexplicable phenomena they link it with their supernatural beliefs. This may range from day to day ghostly encounters by common people to mysteries that intrigued even the global organizations!!
    From temples to cities of black magic, from ghosts to manlike beasts.. How much of this is real….I’ll let my readers decide :
    1. The jodhpur sonic boom :
    Heard on December 18,2012 morning, this phenomenon is still a mystery.
    2.The Springheeled jack :
    Sighted in London in 1837,it is described as a phantom or devil.
    3. The Hauntings of bhangarh fort :
    The abandoned city of black magic still manifests eerie incidents.
    4. The mysteries of Jagannath temple, Puri :
    The flag above the temple always floats in the opposite direction of winds brings our scientific reasoning to a halt. The temple structure does not cast any shadow at any time of the day. No planes, no birds fly above the temple. The temple encloses many more such puzzling mysteries.
    5.The presence of dark matter:
    Matter that is still invisible to the scientists.
    6. Kamakhya : The menstruating goddess
    In the month of June it is believed that the goddess menstruates.. Thus turning the river near the temple red.

    Concluding, I would like just to remark that humans need a faith to live by and simultaneously yearn for logic.Thus there has always been a certain permeable space between science and supernatural.

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