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  • Nehal

    May 17, 2021 at 10:06 am
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    Human digestive system consists of a group of organ working together, the food which we intake all the organs work together to break the food and convert it into energy and different types of nutrients. The food we intake is digested and all the useful nutrients and energy is used by the body and remaining is related out of the body as by product.

    It s a sum of gastrointestinal tract GIT which is also known as Alimentary canal, accessory organs. Breaking down of food is done with the help of accessory gland which is not a part of GIT, it realises enzymes.

    Here is how human digestive system works:

    1. Mouth – the journey of the food starts from here. Each organ present in our body contributes in digestion. Including teeth, saliva, etc. Initially the food is broken down into tiny tiny pices with the help of teeth.

    2. Oesophagus or food pipe – This chewed and the broken down food enters our body with the help of food pipe. It travels down to the stomach.

    3. Stomach- It is sack like thing which stores the food. It consists of HLC acid which helps in breaking down of the food. If there is any microorganism present in our food hoc acid helps to kill the one. Then it travels to Small Intestine.

    4. Small Intestine- It is a tube like structure which is 10 feet long and is located in our lower part of our body, just behind the stomach. The process of digestion ends here. Then it travels to large intestine.

    5. Large intestine- The main function of this gland is to absorb the the remaining water in the food which in undigested. It enables bacterial fermentation of the undigested food. It is also a thick tube like structure which is located with small intestine.

    6. Rectum- There the waste food or the undigested food is sent. The remaining food comes out of the food as solid waste ‘stool’.

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