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    June 1, 2021 at 8:58 pm
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    Plastics are synthetic products that are produced from polymers. They are the formation of chains of carbon atoms. In the gaps, there are hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, and nitrogen. The literal meaning of the words can be used to understand this in a better way. The first part which is “poly” means that many. Hence the word polymer means monomers. Let’s understand this with a simple example. If you see multiple trucks loaded and joined together one after another or a series of coal trains then you will understand the meaning of chain of polymers. There are multiple monomers(the trucks or the train compartments) that are joined to form a chain or simply a polymer.

    The process of production of plastic is :

    1. Extraction of raw materials: The raw materials which are needed are crude oil and natural gas and sometimes coal. They are extracted at first.

    2. Refining process: In this method, the raw materials are processed. The crude oil is changed into petroleum products.

    At first, the crude oil is treated by heating it in a hot furnace.

    Then it is then directly for distillation. In this step, the crude oil gets separated into different components according to its weight.

    3. Polymerization: Next step is polymerization. Here the lighter components from the previous step are treated and transformed into higher weight molecular. Monomers when are formed into chains.

    There are two types of polymerization that can occur during this process:

    1. Addition polymerization<div>

    2. Condensation polymerization

    4. Compounding/Processing

    This is the concluding step where everything comes together. Then here everything is mixed by blending and melting. This is followed by extrusion. In this process, the plastic molds are made where the plastic is formed into different shapes.

    Disadvantages of using Plastic:

    1. All plastic bags are non-renewable elements.

    2. Plastics are highly contagious to wildlife animals.

    3. They are responsible for blocking and clogging roadside drains, ultimately causing flooding of the streets.


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