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Activity Discussion General Discussion Secularism in India.

  • Ishita

    July 20, 2021 at 8:11 pm
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    Secularism in India

    Secularism is the ideology which means follow and respect all kinds of religion. In a secular country no one can respect a particular region. All kinds of religion are important in the same way. Thus religion is only a personal matter. Secularism gives full freedom to all religions and tolerance of all religions. It also stances for equal opportunities for followers of all religions. No one should discriminate against a person on grounds of religion.Secularism is one of the most important achievements of any democratic country. India is the biggest example of a secular country. Living in a secular state has several benefits. Religious freedom is one of them. It provides equal treatment to different kinds of religion. Every person is independent to follow the religion they want. Secularism also allows people to express their opinions and beliefs freely. As in a secular state, no religious group can apply pressure of dominance. This has an increasing effect on the right to speech. India declare a secular state in the Constitution on 1976 during the 42nd amendment of the Indian Constitution. India has all the religious groups. The execution of the ideology of secularism in a country like India which embraces of a dozen religions was a difficult task. But Indian government is not fully secular. While making sure also that no religion has a special favor in a way unfair to the other groups. But it isn’t right we shouldn’t juge anyone on the basis of religion. All religion follow the massage of peace of purity. So All religion should equally respected. But the concept of secularism should be follow in every countries. Thus we can make a world a more better and peaceful place.

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