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Activity Discussion General Discussion Short note on the United Nations and its General Assembly.

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    May 28, 2021 at 4:28 pm
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    The United Nations was established in the year 1945 after World War II. The prime objective of the body was to control international balances, support human rights, and eliminate any further reason that can cause war again. This shares the same visions with the League of Nations, which was formed with similar motives in 1920 after World War I. However, the League of Nations did not last long.

    In the present day scenario, almost all countries of the world have representation in the UN.

    The United Nations is consists of five main organs:

    a) the UN General Assembly

    b) the UN Secretariat

    c) the International Court of Justice

    d) the UN Security Council

    e) the UN Economic and Social Council.

    General Assembly

    It is one of the five major organs of the UN. Only in this organ, each and every member has the right to cast vote. In the first session, 51 countries were represented. The team grows wider and wider and by 2006, almost 192 members joined.

    The very first session of the General Assembly was held on January 10, 1946.

    Some functions:

    1. The function of the body is to undergo several necessary advisory and financial operations.

    2. It works to create and form guidelines regarding all matters that come under the UN charter. However, it falls under the advisory category. It can go to any extent to recommend strategies that are beneficial for the world. But it has zero power to enforce its execution.

    3. The body has other responsibilities too.

    a. New members are recruited/admitted through the general assembly

    b. The members of the Economic and Social Councils are also selected here.

    c. Not only that it also selects the nonpermanent members of the Security Council.

    4. It acts more like a guide and managing body to other bodies.

    For any decision to pass, a two-thirds majority of the vote of the complete body is necessary.

    The General Assembly assembles annually.

    The General Assembly has worked brilliantly over the years to pass more than 300 resolutions so far. It is doing its job perfectly well till now.

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