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Activity Discussion Essay Short note on your favorite car


  • Shivani

    June 30, 2021 at 3:54 pm
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    The automotive industry had been close to the center of production for almost a century. American, European and Japanese cars for each crop are about to show the seasons. What better symbol of national intelligence and ingenuity is there than a car? We all already have our favorites, and I want to share my favorite cars.

    The construction of the cars followed the division of each era from their inception as a chariot with a powerful petrol, to the burning 20s, utilitarian ’30s and 40s, and then the joy of space age from the late’ 50s to the 60s. The 70s were tough in all aspects of construction, and cars suffered from that as well as the oil and gas constraints that required immediate reductions and cost reductions. The ‘80s and 90s were a little better and the‘ 00s saw more and more design. But over time, automotive construction has shown the times and inspired the next. Some designs are dud, while others move us.

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