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Activity Discussion Environment Soil of India.

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  • Nehal

    May 28, 2021 at 10:48 pm
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    Soils are defined as mixture of small rocks particles/debris and organic materials/ which are present on the earth surface and supports growth of plants.

    There are majorly six type of soil that deposits in India. They are Alluvial soil, Black soil, Red soil, Laterite soil, Desert or Arid soil, and Forest and mountainous soil.

    Alluvial soil:

    * Alluvial soil is mostly a type of soil found in northern plains and river valleys in india. This type of soil is highly fertile. River like Indus and ganga, plains like Brahmaputhra plains etc. These types of soil are transported. Bhangar is a term used to describe old alluvium soil and Khadar is a term used to describe new alluvium soil.

    * Colour of alluvium soil is light grey. It is rich in potash and poor in phosphorous. Crops like wheat, rice, etc grow in this type of soil.

    Red soil:

    * This type of soil is found mainly in low rainfall area. Red soil is also know. As Omnibus group.

    * Red soil is less of lime, phosphate, potash etc. Red soil is rich in iron.

    * Colour of Red soil is red in colour because it is rich in iron and had had ferric oxide. Crops like wheat, cotton, oilseeds grow in this type of soil.

    Black soil / regur soil:

    Black soil is also known as regur soil. Deccan area is mostly covered with black soil. It is also called as Mature soul because it has rich water retaining capacity. When the soil dries up it develops cracks and that is reason why it becomes self ploughing. These types os soil are rich in calcium, potassium etc. and poor in nitrogen, Phosphorous etc. it is deep back in colour.

    Laterite soil:

    The word ‘Later’ means ‘Brick’.

    * It becomes soft when it is wet and so hard when it dries up. This type of soil is found in areas which are of high temperature and experience high rainfall. And as a result of that it experience high leaching. This type of soil is rich in iron and aluminum and poor in lime and Humus. The soil is red in colour as there it has rich iron oxides. Crops like Rice, Ragi, etc grows in this type of soil.

    Desert Soil:

    Desert soil is a type a soil which is found in desert region. They are immature soil.

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