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Activity Discussion General Discussion State the importance of a nuclear family

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  • Ishita

    July 30, 2021 at 12:48 pm
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    Nuclear families are the embodiment of a modern family. Families actually have two types: nuclear family and joint

    family. Nuclear families consist of fathers, mothers and children, but children are not necessarily in every nuclear family.Basically one generation living under the same roof. This type of family is very useful to develop the personality of an individual. Joint families are supposed to be patriarchal. But most of the nuclear family has a modern outlook towards life. So children can be closer to their parents. They can be more frank to their parents and freely discuss their life and problems which help to develop their personality. Most importantly, the state of women is better in the family. Women are more independent and empowered in nuclear families. Women are not expected to do only household work in their families. As it is more modern than the joint family the number of children are less in this kind of family. The members of nuclear family always plan before having children.They always wanted to have a limited family as they have to bear all the responsibilities and expenses themselves to rear their children. The children also are benefited in the long run as they have direct inherited the property from their parents. In nuclear families there are no unnecessary rules and regulations in a family , they don’t have to be answerable for their every action. So it is good for maintaining peace and harmony in a family. The finances are only managed by themselves so they can do proper savings and investment as they want. Hence it is proved that nuclear family are much more relatable in this modern times . That’s why joint families are breaking down and bulid their own nuclear family.

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