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Activity Discussion Environment Summer

  • Anushree

    July 7, 2021 at 8:59 pm
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    Summer is the brightest season on this earth, after the chilling winter the warmth of the sun soothes its living beings. But this same summer makes life a bit difficult in the tropical regions when the temperature crosses 50-degree Celsius and the earth almost burns in the scorching heat of the sun. But as always nature plays its game smartly not only it gives us the scorching heat and its disadvantages but simultaneously it also gives us the way to deal with it, the various fruits and vegetables which grow in summers to provide us the potential to withstand the heat are also provided.

    In summers we get to eat the king of all fruits i.e., mango which almost all of us loves also we find many fruits such as watermelon, cucumber, litchi, black berry, pineapple one thing which is common to the fruits and vegetables available in summers is that their water content is high, also they at times give some cooling effect which helps us to relax. Talking about the flowers we mostly see flowers ranging in white color much in summers which have very pleasant smell and this smell also somewhere helps us to deal with the heat.

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