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Activity Discussion General Discussion Technology

  • Meenal

    June 25, 2023 at 4:02 pm
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    • If I woke up one day and all technology had disappeared. Then, my life will become really difficult. I will have to do things by my own hands rather than relying on machines. For examples – instead of using automatic or semi-automatic washing machines , I will have to resort to washing clothes with my hands. Surely, this would change my life and make it different. As now i have to apply more energy and time to finish a task which with washing machine will need less man – power and time. Take another example of simple technology such as mobile phone or computer/ laptop. Without the presence of these technologies, we will have to use the older ways of record keeping of data such as writing in pages with hands. Also, we will not be able to access many information and use shortcuts to everyday complex life problems. A simple gadget such as mobile phone has now become indispensable and without it people will not be able to stay in touch with our relatives. This will cause trouble in our personal and professional life. People will have to go back in time and depend on pre- technology era where pigeons were used to send letters and information or use post office to post letters . These letters will be carried through horse cart . The letters will then reach late and it will hamper more urgent business and deals. It will have effects on our economy and shun our goals of an industrial, modern nation.
    • I will definitely miss my mobile phone the most as sometimes I use it for doing functions performed by landline, computer or laptop. It keeps a lot of information nad it’s handy to use and easy to carry. I can’t imagine my life without it.
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