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  • Sagar

    June 7, 2024 at 10:17 am
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    To make a verb past tense, there are a few common methods:

    1. Regular verbs: For regular verbs, you typically add “-ed” to the end of the verb. For example:

      • Walk -> Walked
      • Talk -> Talked
      • Play -> Played
    2. Irregular verbs: Some verbs have irregular past tense forms that don’t follow the “-ed” rule. These need to be memorized. For example:

      • Go -> Went
      • See -> Saw
      • Be -> Was/Were
    3. Stem change verbs: Some verbs change the stem vowel to form the past tense. For example:

      • Sing -> Sang
      • Drink -> Drank
      • Swim -> Swam

    The best way to know the past tense of a verb is to consult a dictionary or reference material. Many common irregular and stem-changing verbs need to be learned individually.

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