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Activity Discussion General Discussion The two sabhas of India.

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    May 22, 2021 at 1:09 am
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    1.Rajya Sabha also known as Council of states.

    2.It is also called the upper house of the parliament. It is responsible for representing the Indian states. The states, on the other hand, do not have equal representation in the Rajya Sabha. These have been assigned representations based on their population size.

    3.Composition of Rajya Sabha-

    The Rajya Sabha can have a maximum of 250 members, with 238 of them being state representatives and the remaining 12 being nominated by the President from among those who have distinguished themselves in the fields of art, literature, science, or social services.

    Currently, the Rajya Sabha has 245 members, with 233 elected and 12 nominated. The President appoints 12 Rajya Sabha members.

    4.Election method-

    The members of the Rajya Sabha are chosen by the people indirectly. Members of the state legislative assembly are elected by the people of each state, who subsequently elect members of the Rajya Sabha using a proportional representation—single transferable vote system. Each State Legislative Assembly elects the number of representatives specified by the Constitution.

    5.Qualifications required-

    a) He must be an Indian national.

    (b) He must be of 30 years old.

    (c) He must meet all other requirements established by Parliament.

    (d) He is not permitted to occupy any profit-making position in any government.

    (e) He must not be mentally ill or impoverished.

    (f) He should not have been disqualified by any Parliamentary statute.


    It is not prone to total dissolution. Every two years, one-third of its members retire, and elections are held just for the vacant seats. Rajya Sabha members has a six-year term.


    1.It is also known as the house of the people.

    2. Also called as the lower house of the parliament.


    In the lower house, the maximum strength is 552. There are now 543 seats in India, with 530 representing residents of Indian states and up to 20 representing residents of Union Territories.


    The elected members are in power for five years or until the President, on the suggestion of the council of ministers, dissolves the body. In the event of a proclamation of emergency, a Lok Sabha member’s five-year tenure may be extended by legislation by Parliament.

    5.Qualifications required-

    a) He must be an Indian national.

    (b) He must be at least 25 years.

    c) A person must be a registered elector for any Parliamentary Seat in the Lok Sabha Elections, and a registered elector for any constituency in the State or Union Territory involved in the State Legislative Assembly Elections.

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