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Activity Discussion Environment Tress


  • Ishita

    August 2, 2021 at 7:49 pm
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    trees are the lifeline of our life. It gives us with all resources, life and everything we could ever invite . Trees give us oxygen. Oxygen is the main source of life. Animals emit CO2 by taking in oxygen. It controls the pollution of earth. It gives us with all types of resources: wood, crops, fuel, everything. It is our truest friend. Tree products are essential things for human nutrition. Trees give us fruits rich in carbohydrates, vitamins,protein, and fiber that are necessary for health maintenance. They become an essential part of neighborhood of our regular diet. Different parts of trees have many importance in our diet. Trees gives us with of fruits, essential oils,vegetables, spices, medicines and far of more that provide the prime importance of trees to humans. Trees also are a source of commercial products like, wooden furniture, doors, windows and different household products are made up of the wood of giant trees. Paper that we use daily for writing are come from trees. Cottons is also come from trees which gives us linen. Industry uses this essential oils, cosmetics, perfumes, rubbers from Tree sources . All kinds of medical drugs come from many herbal trees.Medicines like vincristine, digitalis, colchicine, reserpine, quinine, morphine, and aspirin are source of trees.The Tree is also a resource of fuel.The Tree’s fuel is less toxic as it does not emit harmful gasses and also less expensive. Even the Tree waste is used to generate electricity. So hence it proved trees is the most significant thing in our life.

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