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Activity Discussion General Discussion Water plants


  • Aashutosh

    May 18, 2021 at 7:59 pm
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    You should check the conditions of plants on a daily basis whether it is in warm or dry conditions. Usually, when the soil is dry, it’s directly indicating that watering is needed. In summer, watering outdoor plants is necessary on the daily basis and even twice a day especially when temperatures rise over 29 C.

    It is best for most plants to water slowly but deeply, so that water can access all parts of the soil and reaches deep within the roots. Short and light watering leads to evaporation before the plant can obtain the moisture or the soil can absorb the water. In fact, most soils can start to repel water if allowed to dry out completely. Slow and deep watering will ensure the water gets to the roots of the plant and force over dry soil to absorb water.

    It would be wise to soak the entire container in a tub of water for a half-hour or so if you have accidentally allowed the soil in your container to dry out completely. It will help to force rehydration of the potting soil.

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