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Activity Discussion Science & Technology We use parachutes

  • Bunny

    May 21, 2024 at 5:13 pm
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    We use parachutes for a few key reasons:

    1. To slow descent and reduce the impact force when jumping or falling from a high altitude. The large surface area of a parachute creates drag that slows the rate of descent, allowing the person or object to land safely.

    2. For controlled descents in skydiving and parachuting sports. Parachutes give skydivers the ability to steer and maneuver as they fall, enabling them to land at a specific target location.

    3. For emergency situations, such as when ejecting from an aircraft. The parachute deploys to keep the person safe during the descent back to the ground.

    4. For delivering cargo and supplies from aircraft. Parachutes allow payloads to be dropped from planes and helicopters without damage.

    The use of parachutes dates back centuries, with early experiments in the 16th century. Modern parachute designs have evolved to be more reliable, steerable, and able to handle heavier loads. The basic physics of air resistance and drag make parachutes an essential tool for safely descending from heights.

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