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Activity Discussion Environment Weather and Climate

  • Sagar

    June 4, 2024 at 6:09 pm
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    Thunder and lightning are caused by electrical activity in thunderstorms. Here’s a brief explanation:

    When warm, moist air rises rapidly in a thunderstorm, water droplets and ice crystals collide and become electrically charged. This creates a buildup of electrical charge, with the positive charge concentrated at the top of the storm and the negative charge concentrated at the bottom.

    The build-up of charge creates an electrical field between the top and bottom of the storm. When the electrical field becomes strong enough, it causes a large electrical discharge – this is the lightning bolt that we see.

    The rapid expansion and heating of the air caused by the lightning bolt is what creates the loud sound we know as thunder. The air is heated to over 50,000°F, causing it to expand rapidly and create the booming sound.

    So in summary, the electrical activity and rapid air movement within thunderstorms is what generates both the lightning flashes and the accompanying thunder. It’s a dramatic display of the power of electricity in our atmosphere!

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