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  • Anushree

    June 25, 2021 at 9:40 pm
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    Most of us these days in the era of technology suffer from obesity, due to all the junk we consume through out the day and the least physical activities that we are involved in. Obesity is not at all a great outcome and always brings with it a bunch of other diseases so all of us must try to maintain a proper body weight and do necessary things to keep ourselves fit, incase someone is suffering from obesity and wishes to see a rapid change in the body type will have to sacrifice a lot of things and will also need to work hard, the steps which we can take to do so:

    1. We need to maintain a very strict diet with no fatty elements and most importantly we should abandon junk food, some of us think that reducing our food content will help us loose weight but that is a myth, we need to consume food in proper amount but we need to take care on the things we intake. We should make sure that our diet is rich in protein and also contain carbohydrates in a minimal amount and required vitamins and minerals. Our diet should also be inclusive of roughage and a serious note should be taken on drinking water.

    2. We must exercise daily and even practice weight training as we need to lose fat rapidly, running and jogging will also help in this process.

    3. We must keep a positive mentality and make sure that we do medicate to keep negativity away.

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