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Activity Discussion Environment What are fossil fuels?

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    May 31, 2021 at 11:36 am
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    Fossil fuels are generally fuels that are dominating the world’s major activities. They are produced by the decomposition of dead plants and animals. They are classified as hydrocarbons, primarily coal, and natural gas.

    Since, the time it has found its use in the world, it has expanded and expanded. The use of such fossil fuels is not only limited to minimal activities but also has spread across large-scale industries with heavy machinery and one that requires high energy resources like water-driven mills, etc.

    Hence, to cut long story short, these fossil fuels can be simply defined as buried combustible sediments of natural (organic like plants and animal) substances. They can be produced from the decomposition of plant matter and decaying of dead animal substances. This decaying process takes millions of years

    These matters are converted and are used in industries as crude oil, coal, natural gas, or heavy oils.

    There are many synthesized, derived products that are available in the market in this 21 st century.

    However, crude oil, coal and natural gas remain the main three fossil fuel that has been an excellent fuel since time immemorial.

    Crude oil: This is responsible for petroleum products. Diesel, gasoline are some of their examples. They are drilled directly from the earth’s crust.


    Decomposition and decaying of plant matters under the earth’s surface over millions of years have formed coal. It is a massive energy source. Currently, it is used majorly in the generation of electrical power.

    Natural gas: They are mainly extracted from reservoirs. They have a high inflammable nature, Particularly are used in the chemical feedstock in the production of inorganic and synthetic products.

    Harmful effects:

    1. Burning fossil fuel releases an excessive amount of Carbon dioxide into the air. This is creating an important reason for global warming.

    2. Burning coal triggers many lung diseases and breathing problems.

    3. Without proper care and protection the natural gas can leak and due to its highly inflammable nature they can cause explosion.

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