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Activity Discussion General Discussion What are internships?


  • Soniya

    May 25, 2021 at 2:23 am
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    Internships are temporary jobs that students to as a part time work. These jobs are different from full time jobs and can mostly be done from your houses. Students can take up internship in the field of their expertise which may also differ from their graduate degree. These types of jobs are very helpful for students as the help them gain some experience of the the outside world of jobs. Further they allow the student to explore their interest in the chosen field and also enable them to polish the skill sets. Students get to learn a lot about the area of interest and also they may come to know their flaws and take and rectify them while they still have time. This helps the student to grow as an individual and use his personal skill sets to enhance the value of an organisation.

    Secondly student be encouraged to do internship because it helps them to earn some amount of pocket money. Also they get to learn the value of hard earned money and therefore they may indulgence saving from an early age rather than wasting their parents money.

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