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Activity Discussion Environment What are landslides?

  • Ishita

    September 25, 2021 at 2:31 pm
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    Landslide is the rushing action of the soil, rock from any higher spot or mountain. Landslides happen when gravitational and different varieties of shear stresses within a slope surpass the shear stability of the substances that form the slope. The crucial reason for landslides is heavy rainfall, erosion, poor construction practices, freezing and thawing, earthquake shaking, and volcanic eruptions. Some landslides happen gradually and some take place quickly.

    Massive Rainfall:- Landslides can arise due to enormous rainfall. Rainfall can make the soil wet and vulnerable. Periodically soil gets washed up or destroyed by rainfall. So the lands which evolve vulnerably come down in a rush which causes landslides.

    Erosion:- Erosion can occur in landslides. Sometimes due to enormous rainfall or infertility of soil. This kind of landslide transpires slowly. Lands evolve weakly by deterioration and fall slowly due to gravity.

    Earthquake:- Earthquake can be a vital factor of the landslide. During the earthquake, everything in the land turned on moving. Due to some heavy weaves, the soil and rock on the land come to be so weak. So ultimately they come down by gravity and cause landslides.

    Volcano Erosion- Landslides are very normal during volcanic impressions because they are tall, steep, and diminished by the rise and eruption of molten rock. Magma puts out volcanic gases that partly disclose in groundwater, occurring in a hot acidic hydrothermal policy that undermines rock by modifying minerals to clay.

    Poor construction practice:- Sometimes poor construction methods can cause landslides. Construction actions such as the building of streets and railways may shift the natural drainage of water. When there is heavy rainfall or flood, water may then move in various ways which may permeate slopes and cause landslides.

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