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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What are microorganisms?

  • Edutuber

    June 2, 2021 at 9:15 pm
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    We all may have wondered about how dowe feel sick due to some bacterias or viruses. These

    organisms which cannot be seen With naked eye and are living organisms are termed as micro

    organisms. Under the classification of kingdom monera,protista and fungi these organisms have a

    major role in maintaining the equilibrium of the world. Lets consider bacteria, they are the organisms

    which has the charge to decay every dead organism in the surface of the world! Astonishing isn’t it?

    Their great grandfathers and grandmothers have even digested the known largest terrestrial organism

    which existed on the surface of the world, yeah they have even digested dinosaurs too ..When we

    consider bacterias, there are a lot of classification on the category. The major bacterias which have been

    considered as older than extinction period may belongs to the category of bacterias which have the ability to

    Overcome extreme high temperature and climate changes.Lets examine two Species Of bacterias

    which belong to this category.



    Thermoacidophyles are those bacteria which has the capacity to overcomne extreme temparature and

    acidic climates. Halophyles are the bacterias which has ihe capacity to survive even in extreme salty

    circumstances. But the major classification of 5acterias are based on their shape. This include spirillus

    etc. Bacterias are notorious for the diseases they cause to us But thegood deeds done by the bacterias

    include, making Curd, creating batter, decaying the dead etc. Viruses are another micro organisms which

    cannot be seen naked eyes. Many viruses haVe their DNA or RNA protected inside a protein coat and

    they are sterile and non living outside the host organism.SAARSCOVID19 is an example of a virus which

    has grippled the world with fear. Fungi or fungus is another micro organism. The devolepment of fungus

    in consumables causes diseases.

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