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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary What are the different accents used worldwide?

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  • Shivani

    May 26, 2021 at 3:02 pm
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    English could be a world language with around one.5 billion speakers. people that speak English do thus in several accents.

    An accent could be a method of saying language. everyone speaks with associate degree accent. It’s not possible to not have one!

    Irish Accent

    you’ll hear Dave’s Irish accent as he talks regarding however individuals party within the year in port, Ireland.

    Scottish Accent

    during this podcast, Adam (in his pretty Scottish accent) talks regarding the sweetness of European nation and spirits, of course!

    American Accent

    you’ll hear Griffin’s classic, “sun and surf” Californian yankee accent once he talks regarding growing up in urban center.

    British English RP Accent

    Melissa encompasses a Received Pronunciation accent and he or she is talking regarding the well-known stereotypes of the English

    Indian English

    Indian ascent is spoken by Indians.

    Australian Accent

    Loretta speaks in associate degree Australian accent and he or she explains the similar things and variations between England and Australia.

    South African Accent

    Rob is English and encompasses a terribly public college accent, however he has lived an extended time time in South Africa and might do a awfully sensible impression of the South African accent

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