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Activity Discussion Environment What are the major types of soil in India?

  • Purushotam

    June 8, 2023 at 10:35 am
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    The major types of soil in India are:

    1. Alluvial soil: Found in northern plains and river valleys, it is fertile and suitable for agriculture.

    2. Red soil: Common in central and southern India, it is porous and low in fertility but can support crops like cotton and millets.

    3. Black soil: Also known as black cotton soil, it is found in the Deccan Plateau and is highly fertile, suitable for crops like cotton and cereals.

    4. Laterite soil: Found in hilly regions, it is acidic, lacks fertility, and is used for crops like tea and cashew nuts.

    5. Arid and desert soil: Found in arid regions like Rajasthan and Gujarat, it is sandy and saline, making agriculture challenging.

    6. Mountain and forest soils: Found in hilly regions like the Himalayas, they are shallow, coarse, and suitable for crops like tea and spices.

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