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Activity Discussion History What are the reason for the failure of the Sultanate in Delhi? Explain in detail

  • Shivani

    July 5, 2021 at 12:23 pm
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    The ‘ rule of The sultanate’s policy of religious intolerance, social inequality, and both Hindus and Muslims, and were bitter enemies of each other. – The gun policy in the Muslim rulers of damage to the interests of the Indian subjects, who have been the cause of jealousy and hatred between the two communities.

    During this period, cabinets, vulnerability, and a “class of” to feel”) appeared in the society. The muslims called by the Indians as the “kafirs”, while it is Considered to be Muslims Mlechs”. A sense of trust and mutual distrust was in place between the two communities, and this proved to be fatal to the sultanate of survival.

    Religious beliefs

    The sultanate was in a theocratic government, and the administration was based on the principles of the religion of Islam. Ulama and pious of Muslims held in a privileged position, on instagram, and will not affect the Sultan’s policy. Most of the Indians are not able to enjoy the hospitality of the Muslim rulers, so that you will never be cooperated with them.

    For the religious intolerance of the instagram sultans also be annoyed most of the Hindus. The deed of the destruction of Hindu temples, and they have to destroy the idols of gods and goddesses, to annoy them even more. With the introduction of the jazia, and the mother of tax hurt the tender feelings of the Hindus, and their conversion to the blade of the sword, she has a lot of that is up to the sultanate, and contributed to the downfall of Sita.

    For Economic Reasons,

    Economic solidarity is the basis of a state, but as the financial situation of the kings ?????????? The sultanate was to be determined. Without a doubt, they have accumulated a lot of wealth during their raids, and pillaged the temple, but that a large sum of money to the organization of an army to stop the Mongol invasion. In addition, the absurd plan of Muhammad Tughluq, have drained the royal treasury, and no government can be stable without a sound public finances.

    However, the sultanate of enormous sums of money are spent on the maintenance of the crew, and the nobles, and the emirs to spend the greater part of the sultanate of their income, so that is the level of income, it is not the costs will be. The ‘ rule of The sultanates don’t try to improve their finances, and not the collection of taxes, in line with our expectations. The muslims were exempted from taxation and concessions have been granted, and the trade and industry were poorly developed. So, did the economic activity will also contribute to the decrease in the sultanate.

    Babur’s invasion of the last of the major causes of the decline of the in the sultanate. Ibrahim Lodi, it fails to measure up to the blades of the Mughal army, and fell in front of him. Babur, the well-armed and powerful army, to completely uproot the whole of the sultanate.

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