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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What are the types of bones in legs and hands?

  • Manpreet

    June 8, 2021 at 4:05 pm
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    BONES are –

    · Highly rigid

    · Consists of blood vessels and a proper blood supply

    · Bones comprise of cells known as osteocytes

    · A bone grows bidirectionally, that is, it grows on either ends

    · It consists of bone marrow

    · The matrix of bone is composed of many organic and inorganic salts

    · Calcium phosphate is present

    · Structurally, a bone consists of two canal systems – harversian canal system and Volkmann canal system

    · There are two types of bones – spongy bone and compact bone

    · A new born consists of 300 bones whereas an adult consists of 206 bones

    Coming to your question, the bones of the upper and lower limbs are known as appendicular skeleton and these comprise of a total of 120 bones. These are –

    1. Shoulder bones –

    · The clavicle (also known as collar bone or beauty bone)

    · Scapula

    2. The bones of the hands –

    · Humerus – the arm

    · Radius and ulna – the fore arm

    · Carpels – Wrist – consists of 8 bones – The eight carpal bones of the wrist are the scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetral, Pisiform, Trapezoid, Trapezium, Capitate, Hamate

    · Meta carpels – bones of the palm/ hand

    · phalanges – bones of the fingers

    3. Bones of the lower limbs –

    · Pelvic girdle – it consists of ilium, ischium and pubis

    · Femur – thigh bone

    · Tibia and fibula – bones of the leg

    · Patella – the knee bone

    · Bones of the foot includes tarsals, meta tarsals and phalanges

    · The ankle is known as tarsus and it consists of 7 bones – the calcaneus, talus, cuboid, navicular, and three cuneiforms.

    These were the bones of the appendicular skeleton, that is, the upper and lower limbs. I hope it helps.

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