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Activity Discussion General Discussion What are your views on ‘conducting examinations online’?

  • Anushree

    May 28, 2021 at 9:27 pm
    Not Helpful

    The Global Pandemic caused due to the covid-19 virus has shifted the whole education system to the online platform. Classes which previously were conducted mostly in physical infrastructures are now being conducted in online platforms such as zoom and google meet; Study materials are being circulated in softcopies and even examinations are taken by the students online. More efforts are to be given on evaluation, teachers should go around and bring out innovative ways to judge a student and practical knowledge should be praised more than bookish knowledge. Examinations are mostly conducted in the MCQ format in the online platforms to avoid unfair means but this also gives a lot of unfair advantage and increases the means of using unfair means to get grades in the examinations.

    The online platform for teaching-learning process provides grand opportunities to both students and teachers to learn, explore and bring out the best from themselves, the prevailing challenges needs to be taken care of with outmost care to solve the issues faced by the students and teachers. This platform is worth bringing a revolution in the educational field with the technology coming into play. Challenges are a very common part of life and the spark lies in solving them, so take up the required measures and make online education the new normal.

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