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Activity Discussion Environment What causes forest fire?

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  • Nehal

    June 3, 2021 at 10:46 pm
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    Reasons for FOREST FIRE

    Forest fires are brought about by normal causes or by Man-made causes

    • Natural causes- Many forest fires start from regular causes, for example, lightning which sets trees on fire. Notwithstanding, precipitation quenches such fires without causing a lot of harm. High environmental temperatures and dryness (low moistness) offer positive conditions for a fire to begin.

    • Man-made causes-Fire is caused when a wellspring of fire like stripped fire, cigarette or bidi, electric sparkle, or any wellspring of start comes into contact with inflammable material.

    Ecological causes are to a great extent identified with climatic conditions like temperature, wind speed and course, level of dampness in soil and air, and term of droughts. Other regular causes are the grinding of bamboos influencing because of high wind speed and drifters that outcome in flashes setting off fires in profoundly inflammable leaf litter on the forest floor.

    Human-related causes result from human movement just as techniques for forest administration. These can be purposeful or accidental, for instance:

    • Grazers and finders of different forest items lighting little fires to acquire great munching grass just as to work with the get-together of minor forest produce like blossoms of Madhuca indica and leaves of Diospyros melanoxylon

    • The extremely old act of moving development (particularly in the North-Eastern area of India and confers of the States of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh).

    • The utilization of fires by residents to avoid wild creatures

    • Fires lit deliberately by individuals living around forests for entertainment

    • Fires began incidentally via indiscreet guests to forests who dispose of cigarette butts.

    Impact of Forest Fire on Forest Biodiversity

    Forest fires affect some of the values of the environment and nature. These are:-

    1. Protective Value: expanded disintegration/sedimentation of soil, the presentation of weeds, and so on.

    2. Present and Potential Value: loss of sporting use, loss of visual convenience, changed water yield and quality, termination of species.

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