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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What causes Haemorrhoids(piles)?

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  • Manpreet

    June 9, 2021 at 8:54 pm
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    Haemorrhoids, also known as piles, is the inflammation or swelling of veins in and around the rectum and / or anus. It can be regarded as a type of varicose veins as well. It is of two types – internal haemorrhoids (the swelling of veins inside the rectum) and external hemorrhoids (the swelling of veins outside the anus). It leads to bleeding during bowels, itching in and around the anus and painful bowel movements.

    However, it can be treated even at home with changing ones lifestyle if detected early, if the case worsens, one might need some surgery as well.

    CAUSES –

    · Having diarrhea

    · Chronic constipation and sitting for long periods of time for bowels

    · Obesity

    · Straining bowel movements

    · Sometimes, during pregnancy the mother might develop such problems

    · Eating low fibrous food

    · Drinking less water

    · Having anal intercourse


    · Itching and irritation in and around the anus

    · Painful bowel movements

    · Swelling around the anus

    · Bleeding during the bowel movements

    · A hard lump near the anus (occasionally)


    · Drink plenty of water – it leads softening of the stool

    · Eating fibrous food – these, too, helps in softening of the stool. It also increases the bulk and creates pressure

    · Avoid straining – please avoid holding your breath during constipations. It might feel you are able to pass out the stool but at the cost of your veins as holding breaths creates pressure on the veins which in turn will lead to its inflammation

    · Go as you feel the urge – it might happen you are busy in some important task and you avoid going to the washroom while in urge. The urge goes way leading to drying of stool. This hardens them which in turn leads to painful bowel movements

    · Avoid long periods of sitting – avoid sitting for period of time and creating pressure to pass out a bowel movement. This creates pressure on the veins.

    I hope this helps. Please see a doctor if the condition worsens. However, prevention is better than cure. Start applying the preventive measures to keep you away from any such conditions.

    Thank you!

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