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Activity Discussion General Discussion What determines the rights of citizens and the powers of the government?

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  • Aruja

    May 27, 2021 at 11:57 am
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    The Indian constitution guarantee its citizen certain rights which are essential for our well-being and promote. The idea of equality, liberty and Justice. The six fundamental right included in the constitution are (Right to equality, Right to freedom, Right against exploitation, Right to freedom of religion, Culture and educational right, and Right to constitutional remedies)

    Fundamental duties – Since people benefit from the rights. It is their responsibility to do something for the state. Fundamental duties so not enforceable by law, were included in Indian constitution in 1976.

    Federalism – India is a land of diversity which has two level of government the state government and the central government. Both the centres and the state draw power from the constitution. The union state and concurrent list ideal with the powers and functions of each level. In a federal setup in division state enjoy independence in matter related to their states on matter of national importance. They have to follow orders of the central government to maintain the peace and Unity in the country. It is important to make certain rules and laws which can help everyone to live peacefully and if someone breaks them there should be some organisation or set up to punish them and someone who can dissolve the collective concern of a nation.

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