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Activity Discussion History What do you know about the constitution of India?

  • Aruja

    May 24, 2021 at 6:22 pm
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    Written document that contains the rule and regulation by which a country is governed is called a constitution. It is frequently referred to as a soul of democracy, as it mainly aims to maintain political stability peace and solidarity in the country. The constitution help us in determining the structure of the government, power and functions rights and duties of the people. It help in binding together the society by treating all communities equally. It defines the basic nature of a society that is it Lays down the idea that all citizens believe in an agree to uphold. It describe the nature of the country’s political system. In the Indian constitution the fundamental rights include rules that protect the interests of the citizens against the misuse of authority by government officials of politicians. Another important function of the Constitution is to protect the interest of the minority against the domination of the influences sections of the society. It includes both, in a community one group of people dictating another as well as intercommunity domination, powerful members dominating other within the same community. The Indian Constitution strictly prohibits discrimination on such Grounds as caste, Creed, gender, class and race. Another key role of the Constitution is to save card Us Against choices that might have undesirable effects on rules and principles that the country believes in.

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