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Activity Discussion General Discussion What do you mean by basic necessities?


  • Shweta

    June 9, 2021 at 4:51 pm
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    The basic necessities of humans life is few, but these few necessities are required to be filled up by each and every individual. It means that these few necessities are required for each and everyone existing as the luxurious life cannot be lived by everyone, but the basic necessity atleast needs to be fulfilled to survive.

    The first basic necessity of humans life is food. The food which is needed for our survival. A person should earn atleast that much amount so that they can get proper food to eat. The food is required to live a life. Though you can survive some days without food, but not the whole time. Food gives you the energy for your works and whatever kind of food it may be, but the food intake need to be done even by a beggar who does not earn anything. As we know that even a beggar beg just to full his stomach. This shows the need of food in humans life.

    The second necessity of humans life is water. The water is required not for humans but also for every organism living on earth. Whether it is a animal, plant or human. The option comes in food that someday a human can survive without food, but without water, you cannot survive. Water is basic element of life and it is free gift of nature. You can find water at river, pond, lake etc. That is the reason why it is suggested not to make the water dirty because it can come to our work indirectly or directly.

    The third basic necessity of human life is shelter. The place needed to live. The house whether big or small is our need. It helps us to stay safe by outward dangers, because no one can live on the roads and survive, even a small room can be your house, but to be safe, you need a house.

    These three are the basic necessity of life and other things comes in an option and afterwards an luxurious life. If god has made us wealthy, so we should help others atleast by providing food and water to them so that they can be helped and we will be blessed.

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