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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What do you mean by cardiac arrest?


  • Edutuber

    June 2, 2021 at 10:04 pm
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    Cardiac arrests are fatal. One needs emergency in the face of a cardiac arrest. Time is life

    for the survival of people who gets cardiac arrest. You all may have come across these quotes when

    talking about cardiac arrest. But what exactly is a cardiac arrest? Cardiac arrest is otherwise known as

    heart attack Cardiac arrest or heartattack occur when the heart stops beating suddenly. This may be

    due to the accumulation of fat on the arteries which bring blood for the proper functioning of heart. This

    type ot cardiac arrest occurs due to smoking unhealthy life habits and lack of proper exercise. How can

    we diagnose a heart attack? The Victims may experience sweating, loss of consciousness and they will

    lose the control over the body and falls to the ground. One needs to diagnose heart attack for the proper first-aid

    and medical care one has to check the pulse of the victim if checking pulse is impossible then you can

    take your ear near the chest of the victim and check for proper audible heartbeats. If the heartbeat rate is negative or<font face=”inherit”> nil they </font>needs to be<font face=”inherit”> </font>given<font face=”inherit”> proper CPR. Cardio Pulmonary resuscitation </font>needs to<font face=”inherit”> be given</font>

    till the victim breathes again. For giving CPR one has to place his fist over the fist of other hand and give q<font face=”inherit”>uick recurring pressure </font>on the<font face=”inherit”> </font>chest of<font face=”inherit”> the individual with short intervals. continue the process and</font>

    give artificial respiration if needed. As soon as the person breathes again he needs to be given proper

    medical care the service ot an ambulance is available take the victim to the hospital quickly. If the service is not available, inform the hospital about the emergency and rush the victim to hospital on any available automobile.

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