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Activity Discussion General Discussion What do you mean by migration?

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  • Aashutosh

    May 28, 2021 at 9:46 pm
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    Migration can be termed as the movement of people from one place to another or across regions and territories. It can be internal migration as well as international migration. Internal migration as the name suggests occurs within the country whereas, international migration occurs between the different countries.
    Internal migration does not affect the size of the population but influences the population density within the nation. Migration plays a significant role in determining the composition and distribution of the population.

    People migrate for a variety of reasons. These reasons can be classified as follows:

    <strong data-reactid=”.217tz6wj8g2.$0.$1.$1.$0.$0″>1. Economic Causes: Moving from place to place in search of work or follow a particular career path comes under economic migrtaion.

    <strong data-reactid=”.217tz6wj8g2.$0.$1.$1.$1.$0″>2. Social Causes: Moving somewhere for a better quality of life or to be closer to family or friends can be termed as social migration.

    <strong data-reactid=”.217tz6wj8g2.$0.$1.$1.$2.$0″>3. Political Causes: It can be described as moving places to escape political persecution or war.

    <strong data-reactid=”.217tz6wj8g2.$0.$1.$1.$3.$0″>4. Environmental Causes: It causes the migration that includes natural disasters such as flooding, earthquake, etc.

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