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Activity Discussion General Discussion What do you mean by the term ‘sovereign’ ‘secular’ and democratic mean?


    May 26, 2021 at 7:43 pm
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    Indian Consitution and its preface preamble have certain terms that are key points in the governance of India. India has certain rules, rights, and duties that are enforced on people. These people are abided by the laws of the constitution. They cannot and should not lose track of the laws.

    Now, as we know that the laws are created to establish certain restrictions on human activities or to keep a check on them. But firstly, it is created for the benefit of the people over the government.

    Certain terms are there that describe our nation’s state too.

    They are ‘sovereign’ ‘secular’ and ‘democratic’


    The word indicates that India is not a dependent nation. It also means that is no further jurisdiction of any other country or state in India.

    In simple terms, it means that India is an independent nation. India does not have anybody to whom she is answerable. It is a free state.

    It can deal with and work out its own affairs and problems.

    The term sovereign state also signifies that India can take or disown any territory if it is necessary for the welfare of the state.


    The secular term was added to the Constitution by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act of 1976.

    The Indian Constitution includes the notion of secularism which actually means that all religions in our country would have the same amount of support from the government.


    Democracy indicates that the power of the government is with the people. In a democratic country, the governance lies within the power of the people.

    The people of India are responsible for electing representatives that would represent and address their issues in the parliament. Universal adult franchise, cyclic elections, rule of law, independence of the judiciary, and absence of discrimination- these are the few elements that are keeping the democratic nature alive.

    In Constitution, democracy stands for political, social, and economical democracy.

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