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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary What happens when the tenses are not used properly?


  • Ishita

    June 4, 2021 at 1:55 pm
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    What happened when tense are not use properly:-

    Tense are the most important part of english grammar. It is not wrong to say that it is the main pedestal of the grammar and vocabulary. Tenses help us to understand the time of the sentence. If we don’t recognize the proper time Or state of the sentence we can use the sentence in a accurate manner basically there are three types of tense , Present, Past,and Future. By these three we can property sate a time of the sentence.But if we don’t use tense properly in a sentence I will make our sentence or statement wrong. Many of the time people misunderstood each other for the wrong types of tense. Tense error look at the verb in three categories those annoying verb the illogical switch off sentence made our sentence wrong. Most of tense error are easy to find as we tend not to make too many error in the daily speech. So they should just plain sounds wrong to when you read it. Many major misconception happen for this tense error. It will make your sentence unclear and wrong. Sometimes in an interview a tense error can make a bad impact on you. So always tried to speak carefully and make you everyone understand what are you tried to say.

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