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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary What id direct and indirect speech?


    May 27, 2021 at 9:30 pm
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    Direct Speech

    Direct speech is said to be conducted whenever we describe what a person said directly. This is the representation of the exact sentences and tone. In every such case, direct speech is used. If we carefully analyze the statements we would understand that they are nothing but speeches that are already said or are in progression.

    A direct speech is marked by a pair of double inverted commas( ” “). The speech that is delivered is enclosed in one of the pairs. That is how you understand or mark a direct speech in a statement or sentence.

    Indirect Speech

    Coming to Indirect Speech now. This is not like direct speech. This does not deal with the exact way in which the speech is delivered. This necessarily a representation of what is been said early. Hence, it is also known as reported speech. This is more of a report. It lay stress on conveying the information rather than indulging in the tone and manner of the deliverance of the speech.

    In an indirect speech, there is no separation of the speech. It is not marked by double inverted commas, unlike direct speech.

    Discussing few examples now:

    Direct: My gym instructor said, “Do the exercise.“

    Indirect: My gym instructor told me to do the exercise.

    Direct: My mother said, “I am cooking Italian today.”

    Indirect: My mother said that she was cooking Italian that day.

    Direct: Rita said, “I had already completed the assignment.”

    Indirect: Rita told me that she had already completed her assignment.

    Direct: I can speak fluently in German.

    Indirect: He said he could speak fluently in German.

    There are few factors that must be considered while there is a change of speech.

    – It must be noted for the change in tense.

    – Often, there is a change in pronouns.

    – There can be changes in time phrases too.

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