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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is a dam?

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  • Aruja

    June 15, 2021 at 10:52 am
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    The dam is a big solid strong structure that is made to stop or restrict the flow of surface water of Huge rivers or underground streams. They work as a barrier. The dam not only suppress floods but also provide water as per the requirement of the people for their activities which require huge amount of water like irrigation, human consumption in a big area, for industrial use, Aquaculture and navigability. These dams are also created for the purpose to create the hydro energy so that electricity can also be produced and these damn can work as the barriers as well. Dams are also used to collect or store water which can be distributed between the different regions of a area when it is required. Dams mainly serve the primary purpose of retaining water while other structures such as floodgates, early wheeze, also known as dykes are used to manage or prevent water flow into specific land region. Mostly they are not used to store water or to create hydropower energy from it.

    Dams are very useful in our day today life as well as in the life of the people who suffer from the problem of water in their area. To water collected in the lakes can be used afterwards when it is required in the emergency or when water is not supplied into the region. It works as a reservoir for drinking water and it can also be supplied to the farms through kennels pipe and from the the narrow streams for the purpose of irrigation.

    The hydropower energy that is created from this collected water can be used to turn a mil to grind wheat it is also used to turn the Blades of a turbine, to generate the electrical power in emergencies and in general as well.

    When there is a flood these dams can serve as a life saviour to the the flood prone areas the dams can protect the whole city or town from the the downstream of the flooded rivers.

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