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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What is acid rain?

  • Edutuber

    May 9, 2021 at 10:37 am
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    Acid rain is caused due to the uncontrolled human intervention on the clean and hygienic atmospheric condition maintained by the earth. Major components of acid rain is sulphuric acid , nitric acid along with dust particles and normal rain water. When sulphur dioxides and nitrogen oxides are released into the atmosphere ,it results in acid rain.

    How do it cause acid rain?

    The released sulphur dioxides and nitrogen oxides are transported by wind and air currents which subsequently leads to the reaction with oxygen , water and other chemicals in the atmosphere. This reaction causes the formation of sulphuric acids and other acidic substances which create the bad effects of acid rain.

    Normally, rain water is acidic pH(due to the formation of carbonic acid) but not lower than 5.7. Acid rain causes the pH to fall below that . This lower pH level indicates the presence of high acidic particles in the rain.

    Harmful effects of acid rain

    1. Causes asthma and other lung diseases

    2. Aquatic life is disturbed.

    3.Metallic substances become rusted rapidly.

    How to prevent acid rain

    1. Convert from fossil fuels to other renewable sources like hydroelectric and solar power systems.

    2. Regularly check and maintain a healthy exhaust system in fossil fueled vehicles.

    3. Reduce the emission from power plants.

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