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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is an interview?

  • Soniya

    June 12, 2021 at 3:17 am
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    An interview is a method of gathering information from a person by having them respond to questions orally.In other terms, it is a face-to-face dialogue between an interviewer and an interviewee in which the interviewer solicits responses from the interviewee in order to select a possible human resource. This helps the interviewer access the candidate for his future job role, whether he/she is capable to do it. Some important points to keep in mind while going for an interview are-

    On-time arrival –

    It is critical to get at the location within five minutes. When an interviewee is late, it leaves an unfavourable impression on the interviewer. As a result, arriving at the location in under a minute is critical.Find out where the venue is located and how long it will take you to get there. Arrive at least half an hour early.

    You should know something about the company before going to an interview. Candidates who are unfamiliar with the firm may do poorly. This gives the interviewer an impression of the candidates’ analytical abilities. Choose a well-fitting, clean, and ironed outfit.

    Prpare all of your paperwork, such as your CV, Aadhar card, mark sheets, and other relevant paperwork, so that you can provide them with them if they ask for them.

    Speaking with confidence-

    Regardless of whether it is correct or incorrect, the person must be self-assured and bold.

    Even if it is incorrect, the person must speak boldly and confidently.

    This provides the interviewer a positive, rather than a negative, impression.

    Another important item to consider before going to an interview is to prepare. Always be prepared with general questions and answers like what do you expect from this job , tell us something about yourself, where do you see yourself in 5 years, questions about your background, education and hobbies. Try to answer honestly rather than faking it.

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