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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is android operating system?

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  • Shivani

    June 25, 2021 at 8:45 am
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    The operating system of Android Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google (GOOGL) primarily for use on touch-enabled devices, mobile phones, and tablets. The design will give users the ability to intuitively control of their own mobile devices with the finger movements that mirror common motions, such as pinching it, play on it, and it doesn’t. Google’s use of the Android software on the Tv’s, cars, and wristwatches, all of which have a unique interface.

    The operating system of the Android operating system is developed by Android, Inc., as a software company based in Silicon Valley, Google acquired in 2005. Investors and financial analysts in the electronics industry in question, with Google’s true intentions to use the mobile device on the market, and after the sale. But in any case, in a short time after that, Google has also announced the upcoming launch of its very first dictionary in the Android-based devices, in 2007, but it is, in fact, this product is on the market and was published in 2008.

    Since then, the software and the app developers have been able to get Android to the use of technology in the development of mobile apps, which will be sold through the app store and Google Play. And, because it is designed for a different product of Google, and Android users will have the ability to connect their mobile with other Google products, such as cloud-based e-mail, and the platforms of the video-related services.

    Android’s source code is also available in an open source format so that you can help to promote open standards for mobile devices. However, even though Android is released as an ‘open source’, it is still packed with its own software, as well as being sold to a mobile device.

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